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A catchment of ideas, innovations and knowledge, which are crafted into elegant solutions that enrich people's lives.
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Our Brands

Our brands deliver on our vision of "making a positive difference in people's lives". We create solutions that enhance the relationship between subject-matter experts, and learners. The result is aesthetic environments that engage learners and lead to real learning.


Bracken is an accelerated learning platform. Enabling organisations to create and deliver rich, interactive learning modules that are informative and engaging for learners.


Siliconcoach's range of video analysis software is simple-to-use and makes the process of video review, feedback and sharing engaging and enjoyable.


Dialed In Motion products are specifically designed for bike fitting and sport shoe fitting.


Prosthetic and Orthotic (PnO) Data Solutions is a company dedicated to helping Orthotic and Prosthetic professionals quickly and easily document, collaborate, and justify their clinical decisions.